Efesto Image Publisher’s Documantation

UI Screenshot

Screenshot from the main UI.

What’s this tool?

Image Publisher will allow you to publish and update set of images. These can be anything: textures (with udim support), render result, concept artwork, references...

How does it work ?

Image Publisher comes with a handy standalone interface which will allow you to easily add images to the package. Once a Image Publisher asset has been published, will then be possible to reuse part of the component from a previous version, to produce a brand new one, which won’t phisically contain the reused data. This allow to drammatically contain the disk space usage.

Key Features:

  • Regular Expressions: regex support for filtering images to upload.
  • Context Selector: saves you from having to select the tasks from the web.
  • Space Saving: lets you republish using versions from server.
  • Maya Assets: assets can be imported from Maya though the import dialog.

Future Improvements:

  • Image Processing: Image conversion will be available. For instance when pushing a .jpg file to generate an .exr with the right colour profiles.

First Time Set Up


When publishing with the Efesto Image Publisher the assets that get generated are of type Image Package. You need to register this asset type.

Registering Ftrack’s Asset Type

Ftrack needs to be aware of this, you need to create a new asset type on the Web UI of the Ftrack’s App. You can do so by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the web interface and click on Settings. Click now on Asset Types and hit Create.

Create Asset

If you don’t create the asset type you won’t be able to publish nor retrive.

Icon Meaning

Icon Description
Creates new component from specified image
Reuse component from published server version
Update server version with your modified item


Bugs and fixes

If you find any bug please report us at info@efestolab.uk, we will be happy to help.

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