Project Manager’s Documentation

Project Manager UI

Project Manager UI

The .cvs file that generated the previous tree was:

FOO,AA,001,modeling,some awesome stuff,100,5,25
FOO,AA,001,rigging,some awesome stuff,100,5,25
FOO,AA,003,modeling,some awesome stuff,250,5,25
FOO,AA,002,modeling,some awesome stuff,120,5,25
FOO,AA,003,rigging,some awesome stuff,180,5,25
FOO,AB,002,rigging,some awesome stuff,200,5,25
FOO,AB,002,modeling,some awesome stuff,302,5,25
FOO,AC,001,rigging,some awesome stuff,210,5,25
FOO,AA,004,modeling,some awesome stuff,250,5,25
FOO,AA,003,lighting,some awesome stuff,120,5,25
FOO,AF,003,rigging,some awesome stuff,180,5,25
FOO,AF,004,rigging,some awesome stuff,200,5,25
FOO,AF,003,modeling,some awesome stuff,302,5,25
FOO,AT,003,modeling,some awesome stuff,250,5,25
FOO,AT,002,modeling,some awesome stuff,120,5,25
FOO,AT,012,rigging,some awesome stuff,180,5,25
FOO,AG,003,rigging,some awesome stuff,200,5,25
FOO,AG,003,modeling,some awesome stuff,302,5,25

What is it for?

This tool comes very handy when you need to create an Ftrack project out of a spreadsheet or table structured formats. At the moment it supports CSV and more filetypes will be supported soon. It also allows

How do I use it?

The UI is quite intuitive but the common steps will be written below. You can run it from the Ftrack actions.

Actions Views

Project Manager action from the ftrack connect actions.

Once you click the action you will get the main ui (screenshot on top of the documentation).


Thumbnails, plates and reviewable components might fail, this tool is in BETA.

  1. Click on Select CSV and browse to your file and open it.
  2. The tree view will refresh with the project structure parsed.
  3. (Optional) Select the images you want to populate the entities with. You will have to select what the images are associated with, they can be the following:
    1. Thumbnails: it will set the thumbnail to the entity.
    2. Plates: it publishes sequences on the entity.
    3. Reviewables (coming soon)
  4. If the project does not exist you are able to set the Project Workflow. If you don’t know what project workflows are check the Ftrack documentation, but basically workflows define the types and names of entities that you can create in your project hierarchy. If the parsed entities from the .csv file cannot be created on your selected workflow they will display in red.
  1. Click on Create Project or Update Project. This tool will first check if the entities exist on server. If the project already exists Update Project will be displayed to you in the button, else you will get Create Project.

What do the colours mean?

The colours in the tree panel’s items give you information about the entity. If it already exists it will display as a turquoise light blue. If it doesn’t (thus will be created) it displays green and if it’s not valid for the current selected workflow schema will be shown red.