Efesto Submit’s Documentation

UI Screenshot

Screenshot from the main UI.

What’s this tool?

The Submit tool is used to generate video files from playblasts. What it aims for is to avoid using compositing packages (like Nuke) to do just simple and quick playblasts to show to supervisors, it is aimed to save time and simply generate a plate with burnins and slate and even LUTS (look up tables) with just couple of clicks. Also you can attach audio files, useful for lipsync or other animations. The back engine of our tool is ffpmeg.


Slate at frame 1.

Burn Ins

Burnins on top of the playblast and LUT applied.

How does it work?

The Submit can be launched in a standalone way or inside Maya. It also features a command line interface, in case you need to script some behaviour. Check the Standalone Usage, Maya Usage and Command Line Usage sections in this documentation. The user interface differs a bit but the back engine works in the same way.

Initial Set Up

This tool uses the EFS_SUBMIT_PROFILE_PATH environment variable to fetch all the profile files. It needs to be set up. We included some profile files under the resource folder. Feel free to copy them to another place and export the variable like export EFS_SUBMIT_PROFILE_PATH=/path/to/profile


If you want to be able to use the tool as command line you will have to install the binary script bindings through python setup tools, this is handled in the setup.py file in the root of the project. Follow the instructions below.

Proceed if you want to be able to run the tool through command line as well. Otherwise there is no need to continue with these stepss. Furthermore we recommend first testing on virtual environments, so you don’t mess anything. Open a bash shell and navigate to the root directory of the efesto-submit tool.

cd /path/to/efesto-submit

# if you do not have the pip, the python modules manager, install it
sudo yum install pip # for Redhat family (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL...)
sudo apt-get install pip # for Debian family (Ubuntu, Mint...)

# install virtual environment wrapper
sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper

# create virtualenv for the submit
mkvirtualenv submit

# switch to the virtualenv you just created
workon submit

# now let's install the executable bindings for the tool
python setup.py install


Now an executable is created in the virtual environments folder ~/.virtualenv/submit/bin that will execute the entry point function of the Python script: efesto_submit.__main__:run. You can run efs-submit command from the bash terminal now.

You are all set up!